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Private Rx

 is a two-step treatment to avoid razor bumps, burns, and skin irritations after waxing or shaving. Private Rx Cooling Pads soothe the skin and may help alleviate irritation after the trauma of waxing or shaving. Private Rx Soothing Serum provides a silky feel to the skin and helps prevent in-grown hairs after using Private Rx Cooling Pads.

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Private Rx Soothing Serum, Private Rx Pads

A Revolutionary two-step program

Private Rx Therapeutic Cooling Pads are easy to use and fast acting. Infused with essential botanicals that calm irritated skin, Private Rx smoothes away razor bumps and inhibits the growth of in- grown hair. Deep penetrating humectants are used to draw moisture back to the treated skin.

Private Rx Therapeutic Soothing Serum is specially formulated with botanical extracts and vitamins that soothe, refresh and moisturize skin.

  • Physician Developed
  • Botanical Formulation
  • Non-greasy - Non-Staining

How to Use Private Rx Two-Step Treatment

Using Private Rx pads and Private Rx Soothing Serum is easy! Shave or wax as normal, then use the Private Rx hygiene wipes (therapeutic cooling pads) to smooth away razor bumps and help inhibit the growth of in-grown hair. The deep penetrating humectants in the Private Rx pads will draw moisture back to the treated skin and improve your skinís appearance.

For best results, use Private Rx Soothing Serum immediately after using Private Rx pads to soothe, refresh and moisturize traumatized skin and leave a beautiful finish to your bikini line.

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