Bikini Shaving Tips

Shaving bikini lines is popular amongst many women for many different reasons. Some women find the look more attractive and more convenient, while others may simply like how it feels. Whatever the reason for bikini shaving, itís important that you do it correctly in order to avoid painful razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

The first step to shaving bikini lines is to prepare the hair. Soak the bikini shaving area for at least three minutes in warm water. If you're not going to take a shower or bath, lay a warm wet washcloth over the area for a while first. If itís been a while since shaving the bikini line or youíre dealing with full growth, trim the hair down to about a quarter of an inch before the bikini shave.

Apply shaving cream or gel to the shaving bikini area, and let it sit for a while if the shaving bikini area is especially sensitive. Once you start the bikini shave, take your time and make sure to be careful not to cut yourself. Be sure to rinse out your razor with very hot water frequently while bikini shaving. Keeping the shaving bikini area taut during the bikini shave can lessen the chance of your razor snagging or cutting your skin.

After the bikini shave is complete, be sure to keep the shaving bikini area clean. Using the Private Rx two-step treatment after bikini shaving can help to avoid razor bumps, razor burns and other skin irritations. Private Rx Cooling Pads soothe the skin and help calm irritation after the trauma of shaving the bikini line. Private Rx Soothing Serum soothes, refreshes and moisturizes skin, providing a silky feel to the skin and may help prevent in-grown hairs after using Private Rx Cooling Pads.

Private Rx Therapeutic Soothing Serum is physician developed and specially formulated with botanical extracts and vitamins for a non-greasy, non-staining refreshing end to a bikini shave.

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